Content evaluation and the design trends of national institutes of technology (NITS) library websites of India: an evaluative study

Ksh. Krishna Devi, Manoj Kumar Verma


In the digital era, ICT (Information Communication Technology) tools have made a tremendous impact in every field. With the help of ICT tools the libraries have brought up a good number of services which can be disseminated easily to their end users. While the websites form the gateway of an institution through online mode, the library website is a beautiful creation through which information and services can be disseminated. The present study is confined to the design and web contents of the library websites/ web page of 27 NITs. On the basis of the previous evaluations of websites with 108 criteria under the 13 headings were enumerated to analyze the contents of the NIT libraries website. The study revealed that NIT Allahabad takes maximum time (422.68 seconds) @ 56K connection rate for downloading their website where NIT Agartala takes the least with 5.48 seconds.

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