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Awareness and Use of E-Resources among students of Punjabi University Patiala: A Case Study

Kuldeep Singh


Advancement in computer applications and the Internet during the past few decades brought a great revolution. Nowadays dependency on e-resources available on the Internet is the same or even more than printed resources, ever increasing prices of journals and other expenditures of the library forcing to find new areas of collaboration like e-consortia. Availability of e-resources is generally subscribed through the university but the question arises towards their appropriate and utmost utilization. The present paper examines the awareness and use of existed various e-resources subscribed by Punjabi University Patiala. The study reveals the problems while using e-resources as well as the satisfaction level of the students. The outcome of the study shows that there should be a personal database of the library, Internet connectivity, and speed, adequate infrastructure; more e-resources should be subscribed. The paper also highlights the preferences and importance of e-resources among the UG students, PG students, and research scholars.

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