An Investigative study on the extent of Job Enrichment among the University Libraries in Kerala

A. Naseer



The present study is initiated to investigate the extent of job enrichment of library and information science professionals working in the selected eight major state university libraries in Kerala, India. A structured questionnaire is administered on the target group of 266 library and information science professionals.  Statistical techniques like frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation and ANOVA were applied to know the extent of job enrichment.  The study finds that there exists significantly high level of job enrichment among the library and information science professionals. The study also finds that the situation of job enrichment in all university libraries in Kerala is high and alike. The highest level of job enrichment is found in the libraries of Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit followed by the libraries of Kannur University, University of Calicut and Mahatma Gandhi University. The lowest level of job enrichment of library and information science professionals is found in the libraries of Cochin university of Science and Technology. This paper reports on the views and perceptions of university library and information professionals in Kerala in respect of the extent of their job enrichment.  The study will help managing library and information centers effectively and efficiently and also motivation of the professionals working in different organisational climate.

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