Evaluation of the Assamese Language Newspapers Websites Using Alexa Internet: A Webometric Analysis



Newspaper is one of the oldest forms of print media of this world. However, earlier, the newspapers were available only in print form, but due to the advancement of technology now a days, many of the newspapers are available in both print and non-print form i.e. in online. The main purpose of this study is to evaluate the Assamese language newspapers websites published from different places of Assam based on the seven Alexa indexes of Alexa Internet. However, a total number of 31 newspapers titles were retrieved from the RNI (Office of Registrar of Newspapers for India) website ((http://rni.nic.in/) but due to the unavailability of 17 newspapers over web, only 14 newspapers websites were taken for the analysis. The study recommends to all the administrators of Assamese language newspapers websites to give more attention towards their websites to attract more visitors.

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