Continuous Professional Development of LIS Professionals: An Assessment from Seventy-Four College Libraries in Delhi

Vyas Kumar Bajpai, Margam Madhusudhan


The paper deals with the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of LIS Professionals working in the College Libraries affiliated to the University of Delhi. The findings demonstrated that most of LIS professionals gained Computer aptitudes through workshops and Conferences and also agreed that training meets the standard for their profession. Most of the respondents favored the idea that in-house training improves work efficiency. LIS Professionals believe that CPD participation enhances their knowledge. The majority of LIS Professionals want to be a Resource person as a role in CPD programmes, whereas most LIS Semi-Professionals want to be the participant and want to share their knowledge with peer groups or sub-ordinates in the Library. Financial problems are the primary issue and family problems are the second reason for the non-participation of CPD programmes by the LIS Professionals, whereas, the institutional problem is the main issue and family problem is the secondary issue for the non-participation of CPD programmes by the LIS Semi-Professionals. The authors advocate that college libraries have to cross alongside technological adjustments that are taking location to continue to be relevant in including value to establishments of higher learning. It is additionally necessary to continue constructing the potential of LIS Professionals to ensure that they proceed to add value in college libraries.

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