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Status of Human Resources and ICT Applications in District Public Libraries of Haryana

Mohd Shikoh, Sudharma Haridasan


This research paper aims to examine the current status of district-level public libraries, and one State Central Library located in Ambala (Haryana), in terms of its Collection, Staff, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) applications and Automation processes. Besides these, the study also investigates the problems confronted by the librarians of district libraries and their suggestions for practical ways to overcome these difficulties. This research work covers eighteen district libraries and one State Central Library in Haryana. The result shows that the majority of the district libraries faced shortage of staff which is a major barrier in the proper functioning of the library. It was also identified that almost all the libraries faced some common problems, such as financial constraints, lack of ICT infrastructure, and negative influence of social and electronic media which directly impacted the automation process.

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