Collaboration pattern in Rapeseed & Mustard research in the world: a scientomentric study

Shilpa Dhoble, Sudhir Kumar, Surendra Kumar


Analyses authorship pattern of 9574 papers published during 14 years (2000-2013) collected from CAB Direct database. The collected was subjected to study: year wise distribution, activity index of India, languages & communication channels. Shows that 99% of articles are published in English of which 95% are published in journals. Reveals that 8839 articles (92.32%) were published in co-authorship, whereas only 735 (7.68%) articles were published by single authors. Degree of collaboration and collaboration indexes are 0.92 and 3.89 respectively. Applies many statistical formulae like mean, variance, binomial distribution, negative binomial distribution, poison distribution on authorship pattern.

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