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A Scientometric analysis and Visualization of Global Warming Research in India, 2005-2019

Arijit Das, Sananda Gupta


This paper analyses the growth and development of global warming related research in India during 2005-2019. The main focus of this study is to provide an overview of research activities carried out in the country on the subject for a span of 15 years, describing various aspects of research productivity. The Scopus international multidisciplinary bibliographical database has been used to identify the Indian contributions in the field of global warming. The study analyses the performance based on several quantitative and qualitative indicators, such as annual growth rate of the country, authorship pattern, national publication output and impact in terms of average citation per paper, international collaboration, institution wise contribution etc. The study further use the visualization tool, i.e. VOSviewer to map the different aspects related to co-authorship pattern, word occurrences etc.   

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