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Bibliometric Analysis of Google Scholar Indexed top Journals in Social Sciences

Showkat Ahmad Wani, Mubina Akhter, Rabiya Mushtaq


The present study is a bibliometric analysis of social science journals indexed by Google Scholar, which it deems as top journals listed in its source list of 2018. The study has explored the other factors of these journals like, access pattern, frequency, impact factor, and SJR of these listed journals, which Google Scholar has not mentioned or added for these top listed journals. Besides, the study has identified top five journals among these listed journals of Google Scholar, based on highest Impact Factor, H-index, H5-index, H5-median, and SJR. This paper will be a significant piece of information for those who are in search of quality journals in the field of Social Sciences. Especially for those who have seen the top listed journals indexed by Google Scholar but are confused with inadequate information provided by the same.   

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