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Growth of ETDs of LIS Research in Central Universities of India: An Analysis

Kakchingtabam Ranjana Devi, Ch Ibohal Singh


The present study attempts to analyse the research activities carried out in the field of Library and Information Science (LIS) in different Central Universities in India. For the purpose, quantitative techniques have extensively been used to analyse the Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs) of the subject. Of the 49 central universities, 19 universities having LIS schools offering research programmes have been covered to study their ETDs available in different repositories. Websites of UGC, the universities and INFLIBNET Centre have been examined for the study. Shodhganga of INFLIBNET Centre has extensively been examined to collect data pertaining to ETDs of these 19 Universities for in depth analysis to assess the trends of LIS research. Analysis of a total of 180 ETDs available in the Shodhganga repository till the end of 2019 gives us many clues on central universities having LIS schools, level of LIS research, their ETD contribution, growth of ETDs, university-wise ETD contributions, research guideship pattern and supervisor and scholar ratio.

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