Public Library Services for Differently abled Persons: Literature Review with Global Perspective

Rohit R Patil, B D Kumbar


This paper critically examines the published literature on public library services for differently abled persons. The literature which is published from 2001 onwards considered for the present study.  The primary objective of the paper is to assess the current scenario of the public library services for differently abled persons across the world. The inferences drawn from the review of literature reveals that the current status of public library services for differently abled is not really encouraging as majority of the public libraries are not even providing minimum service to this user group. Public libraries are physically inaccessible to differently abled persons, besides suffering from lack of resources in alternative formats and services. The lot of the research is carried out or published from the developed countries as compared to developing countries. Published literature also stressed on the need for major improvements in services and further research in the area of disability services.     

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