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Library and Information Process Outsourcing (LIPO): An Important Tool for Managing Engineering and Technical Institutes in Higher Education, Government of West Bengal

Mahadeb Rana, Parikshit Mondal


Purpose: The study seeks to evaluate the present functions of Government and Government aided engineering & technological institute libraries in West Bengal in terms of their resources, finance, staff, house-keeping operations, ICT application, pros and cons, etc. and services through outsourcing.

Methodology: Survey method is carried out to Library and Information Science (LIS) professionals and users of libraries. Out of two sets of structured questionnaires, one set was prepared to collect data from LIS professionals for the study and in another set, Stratified Random Sampling technique was used to gather responses of users. Approximately 2, 43,527 average yearly users were there during the period from 2011-’12 to 2015-‘16. Out of which .5% users have been chosen as the sample frame.

Findings: The study suggests that outsourcing can be used as an alternative tool for the effective managerial decision to the processing work and/or services of technical libraries in West Bengal.

Originality: Based on the findings of the study, it develops a LIPO model for future guidance.

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