Electronic Resources Management (ERM): A Scientometric Study of Global Publications during 1999-2018

Madhu Bansal, Jivesh Bansal


The present study analyses the global research productivity on “electronic resources” during 1999-18 as covered in Scopus, a multidisciplinary international database. Research productivity is examined using both qualitative and quantitative indicators like year wise research output, growth rate, citation impact, share of international collaborative publications, prolific authors, leading institutions, broad subject areas, medium of communication and high cited papers etc. The data is retrieved using keywords such as “electronic AND library*” OR “e-resource” OR “e-journal” OR “e-book” OR “electronic book” OR “electronic journal” OR “electronic theses and dissertations”. The ERM publications registered 7.84% annual growth and its citation impact averaged to 5.03 citations per paper during 1999-18. The top 10 most productive countries together contributed 84.64% global publication share and 85.1% global citation share of the total global publications during 1999-18. Social Sciences, among subjects, accounted for the highest publication share (88.37%), followed by computer  science (26.24%), arts and humanities (6.7%), medicine (5.77%) business, management &accounting(4.37%), etc. during medicine (3.86%).The top 10 most productive organisations and authors contributed 10.84% and 5.03% publication share and 12.04% and 2.5% citation share respectively  during1999-18. Among the 50 highly cited publications (with citation per paper ranging from 31 to 168 citations), the largest number (24) of publications came from U.S., followed by 9 from UK, 3 from Australia, 2 each from Malaysia, Canada, India and 1 each from Brazil, Ghana, Cameroon, Gambia, Nigeria, Slovakia, Taiwan, Tanzania, Trinidad and United Arab Emirates etc. These 50 highly cited publications involved 104 authors and 60 organisations and were published in 32 journals.

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