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Acquisition and Utilization of Information Resources in Rajasthani Arts and Culture in Select Universities and Institutes of Rajasthan

Sunita Pandey, Shailendra Kumar


The paper is about the acquisition of information resources in Rajasthani arts and culture in the select universities and institutions library of Rajasthan. In between the exponential growth of literature, rising price of books and periodicals and shortage of space there are different type of information resources i.e., books, reference books, tourism related sources, photo books, maps and atlas which are available in different libraries of Rajasthan. Collection development in different types of libraries of arts and culture has many challenges and one of them concerns about the acquisition policy of the library.

In present study, nine major academic and museum libraries in Rajasthan were surveyed to understand the type of collection they have and the acquisition policy of the library. It was found that there is no any written acquisition policy in the library. The paper discusses the methods of utilization of information resources in Rajasthani arts and culture in the state of Rajasthan. 

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