International LIS Journals of Indian Origin: A study on trans-border diversity in authorship

Rajendra Babu, H


The study explored the cross-border diversity in authorship and editorship in international library and information science (LIS) journals published from India. Online LIS journals of Indian origin which contain the word “international” or “world” in their title were identified. The data on number of articles published in these journals since their first issue was collected. Of them, four LIS journals which had highest number of articles were chosen for the study. Out of total number of 1626 articles published during the period 2011-2018, 1485 (91.33%) articles have been contributed by Indian authors (82.36% male and 17.64% female). International Research: Journal of library and information science (IRJLIS) has published highest number (627) of articles.  There were a total of 95 editorial board members for all the four journals, of which 70.53% are of Indian origin and 29.47% of foreign origin. International Journal of Information Dissemination and Technology (IJIDT) has the highest number of 33 editors, comprising 27 from India and 6 from other countries. All the journals under the study predominantly had editors of Indian origin. None of the journals under the study have laid down comprehensive publishing policy on their websites. In order to attract contributions from authors of foreign origin, it is suggested that journals must empanel more number of editors worldwide and publish a comprehensive publishing policy on their websites.

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