Receipt of Books by the National Library, Kolkata in the LIS discipline under the DB Act

Dhiman Mondal, Arabinda Maity


The present analytical study explores the pattern of the receipt of books by the National Library, Kolkata under the Legal provisions of DB Act, 1954 (as amended in 1956) in the discipline of Library and Information Science (LIS) during 2010-2017. For this purpose, the volumes of Indian National Bibliography (INB) have been considered and a total of 437 unique book titles have been shortlisted for the study. Then the bibliographical details of book publications have been categorized and narrated on the basis of different parameters like   year, backlog contribution, DDC number, type of books, state, publisher and language wise. It is found that an overall fluctuating trend has been seen in the appearance of books in the INB volumes. Due to backlog contributions, the average delay in the date of publication of books and its inclusion in the INB have been estimated as three and half years. Eventually, some recommendations have also been highlighted to strengthen the Legal deposit Acts and to achieve INB and bibliographical control more effective.   

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