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Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) in India: With special reference to library and information science

Anil Agrawal, Rajesh Kumar Singh


Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are free online courses available for anyone to enroll. They have emerged as a useful platform for teaching and learning. MOOCs are gaining popularity as they are being used in more than 190 countries across the world. MOOCS are available in all disciplines. This article provides an overview of MOOCs and describes its development in the field of Library & Information Science (LIS). LIS professionals and school of LIS can explore possibilities and work together in order to assist, resolve problems and in developing MOOCs in different topics including LIS-related topics and build libraries image and prove their significance in this digital era. Library professionals who are yet not familiar or engaged with MOOCs concept, can get a taste of the MOOC and develop their skills towards an understanding of MOOCs as a whole, so that they can play significant roles and be a part of MOOCs creation and development and able to support MOOC movement at a much larger level.

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