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Metadata engineering in Greenstone digital library software

Muzamil Mushtaq


The present study deals with the incorporation and defining new metadata set and building a model digital library collection using Greenstone Digital Library Software (GSDL), which is an outstanding open source software for building a digital library. A case study was undertaken to modify and devise a set of metadata based on the approaches of research scholars and the B.Lib.I.Sc and M.Lib.I.Sc students of the Department of Library and Information Science, AMU in searching the documents available in the seminar library of the department as well as in the main central library of the university. The study tried to create some of the most usable approaches/search options of the users and enrich the resources gathered in the model digital library according to these elements. It defined the seminar library metadata with twelve bibliographical elements as the fields for searching and browsing the digital collection. The study serves as a model of devising and developing a schema of metadata based on the needs and requirements of a particular library and may help in building digital collection or group of collections using Greenstone Digital Library Software.

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