Collection Evaluation: A Case Study of the New College Library from 2009-2013

M. S. Amanulla


This paper examines the importance of the New College Library collection.  It is an axiomatic truth that a library cannot function without an appropriate collection.  The efficiency and effective services of the libraries are governed by the quality and quantity of its collection.  Due to the technological advancements, the exponential growth of literature and the devaluation of rupees also tempted the libraries to think thoroughly before acquiring the reading materials for the college libraries.  This study is based on the acquisition of library materials from 2009-2013 by the management grant.  An attempt has been made to know the budget allocation to various faculties and the average price of books in different subjects.  Based on the finding of the study constructive suggestions are made to implement   for qualitative collection development.  The results of the study may be helpful for   planning the budgetary allocation for collection building in the libraries.

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