Literature on River Ganga: A Bibliometric Analysis

Shabahat Husain, Ali Raza, Rumman Gul


River Ganga is globally famous not only because of its historical significance but also for its religious values for a majority of the population of Hindus in India and elsewhere in the world. The purpose of this study is to conduct a Bibliometric analysis of the published research articles on River Ganga for the period of 25 years (from 1991 to 2016), using Science Citation Index expended. The parameters used in the present bibliometric research include document types, language, categories, journals, countries, keywords, authorship and other related issues.  Results of the study revealed that India is the top contributor in terms of total publications followed by the USA. The impact of countries, institutions, and authors was assessed by TC2016. The authors with highest contributions were mainly from India, and few were of France and Bangladesh. Indian institutes also retain the top position in terms of article contribution, most prolific institutes are Indian Institute of Technology, Lucknow University. Additionally, keywords analysis was also done in order to know about the research interests, which most likely specified considerably vast difference in research focuses.

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