Open Access digital repositories in India and China- A comparative study

Fayaz Ahmad Loan, Rabiya Mushtaq


The main objective of the study is to make a comparative study of Indian and Chinese repositories on various parameters like regional distribution, subject coverage, language diversity, content archived, collection development, operational management, etc. To achieve the objectives of the study, the OpenDOAR was selected as the source for the identification of repositories from India and China. The results reveal a total number of 115 repositories were registered in the OpenDOAR from India and China in which India has more repositories than China; however, repositories from China are content rich (in terms of collection size) as compared to India. The repositories from China accept contents only in two languages - Chinese and English whereas repositories from India accept contents in 11 languages. More repositories from China have active links and are OAI-PMH compliant than India whereas more repositories from India have well-defined metadata, preservation and content submission policies than China.

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