Log analysis and data usage statistics of Journals Storage (JSTOR) database among research scholar of Faculty of Social Science, AMU

Nahav Alam Ansari, Dr. M Masoom Raza



The study sets out to assess the log analysis and usage statistic of JSTOR database by the researchers of Faculty of Social Science, AMU. Using JSTOR database logs of 2015 and 2016, the usage statistics was analyzed. The log data was provided by the Computer Application Centre of Maulana Azad Library, AMU on a request placed over them. The major findings of the study revealed that the researchers of Department of Economics used JSTOR database extensively and recoded maximum numbers of downloads in two years, on the other hand researchers of Social Works Department maintained least number of downloads. As far as, the growth of usage concerned, again the researchers of Economics Department gained top place and the lowest rank occupied by researchers of Department of Psychology. Moreover, it is noted that JSTOR database lists 3281 and 3709 journals in 2015 and 2016 respectively. Out of them Social Science shared 365 journals in 2015 and 416 journals in 2016 that constituted 11.12% and 11.21% of all journals respectively.

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