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A Cross-Country Comparative Study of Top Library and Information Science Journals Using Scimago Journal Rank

Amrita Sharma


The main aim of this paper is to conduct a cross- country comparative study of top five journals in the field of Library and Information Science during the past five years; i.e. 2017-2021. The present study analyzed the journals using scimago journal rank (SJR) which is powered by Scopus. For the past five years i.e. from 2017 to 2021 only two countries i.e. United Kingdom and United States remained at top position for most of the time. Only 1 time Spain in year 2018 is seen in the list of top five and that too at fifth position. All the top five journals belong to quartile 1. Karl Pearson’s coefficient of correlation was used to obtained the correlation between the h-index and SJR which showed the negative and weak correlation between the two variables.

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