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Jaba Moni Das, Dipen Deka



The purpose of this study is to analyze the citations appended to the twenty (20) Library and Information Science (LIS) doctoral theses submitted to North-Eastern Hill University (NEHU) between 1994- 2018; available in the Shodhganga, a repository of Indian university electronic theses and dissertations. A total of 2,693 citations are examined on various parameters like cited bibliographic forms of literature, chronological distribution of the journal, and book citations, the half-life of journal and book citations, rank-list, the applicability of Bradford’s law. Journals received the highest number of citations among all bibliographic forms cited in LIS doctoral theses of NEHU from 1994 to 2018. The half-life of journal and book citations is 15.98 years and 20.06 years, respectively. College and Research Libraries is the most frequently cited journal in LIS doctoral theses at NEHU.

Keywords: Citation analysis, Shodhganga, LIS, Doctoral theses, NEHU

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