Bibliometric studies of Malaysian Journal of Library and Information Science during 2007-2016

Krishna Brahma, Manoj Kumar Verma


The present study investigates 202 articles published in Malaysian Journal of Library and Information Science (MJLIS) during the period 2007-2016. The bibliometric study focuses  upon volume wise, issue wise pattern of distribution of article; authorship pattern of articles; reference pattern; geographical distribution; major contributions;  most productive country, author, institute, Indian state, visible performing sectors and degree of collaboration of authors. The study reveals that Malaysia appears to be on top with 31.17% contributions, followed by India and Iran. In India, Maharashtra is a leading contributor state with   28.57%. A.N. Zainabis is the most productive author with 19 contributions, while the University of Malaya, Malaysia, the publisher of MJLIS, was found to be the most productive institute with   63 publications. Majority of papers (187) were contributed by academic institutions. Total 6285 references were cited from 202 articles with an average of 31.11per article. The study shows that authors are more likely to cite references with joint authored articles (50.99%) and the degree of Collaboration of authors is 0.76. It indicates 47 articles are single authorship publications and 155 articles are Multiple Authorship Publications.

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