Self-archiving practices by library & information science professionals in India

Ashiya Ahmadi, Mohammad Nazim


The purpose of study is to know the self-archiving practices by Library and Information Science (LIS) professionals in India using e-LIS international open repository. Data was imported from the website of the e-LIS (e-prints in Library and Information Science) in Microsoft Excel format for analysing self-archiving practices by LIS professionals in India. A total of 908 publications, archived by Indian LIS professionals in e- LIS till 31 December 2015, were collected for analysing trends of self-archiving in the field of LIS. The self-archiving practices among LIS professionals in India are much common as India occupied first position among Asian countries and fourth position in the list of top contributing countries of the world. Despite the well-developed library systems, LIS professionals in USA, Canada and United Kingdom are lagging behind in the race of self-archiving practices in the field of LIS. Even China, the most populated country, with a fast growing economy is the least contributor to e-LIS. It may be concluded that population vis-a-vis level of development of the country has no significant relationship with the self-archiving practices.

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