Applicability of Bibliometrics Laws on Anthropological journals

Sanjukta Sahoo, Nivedita Bhattacharyya Sahoo


Anthropology is the study of Human being. The present bibliometric study has been conducted on the Ph.D. theses of Anthropology awarded by the Vidysagar University during the period 1989-2015.Total number of theses is 22 and total number of citations is 3012.The researchers have cited different types of documents like journals, conference proceedings, books, reports, etc. The study has been carried out on the 1911 citations, found in the Anthropology journals. It has been found that   Bradford’s Law of productivity is not applicable on the present collected data. After applying Leimkuhler Model on Bradford’s data, the error has been reduced. Annals of Human Biology is the most popular journal in Anthropology. Most of the journals which are cited by the researchers of anthropology are in English language and have been published in USA. Elsevier is the most prominent publisher in the field of Anthropology. In anthropology most of the researches are conducted on Physical and Cultural Anthropology. Research conducted in Vidyasagar University on other sub disciplines like Prehistory, Linguistics are negligible.

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