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A Study of Research Publications of Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology from 1987 to 2020

Rajendiran P


Publication patterns and trends of Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology (RRCAT) affiliation papers has been studied. The publication data was downloaded from two main sources, Web of Science (WoS) ‘Science Citation Index - Expanded (SCI-E)’ and ‘Scopus’. In the database, appropriate search functions and keywords were applied to retrieve all relevant records; and data was analyzed using MS-Excel worksheet. The results of analyzed parameters showed that RRCAT research publications have steadily increased over the period.  Publication growth trend per year as per Scopus was 8.52 and SCI-E was 6.70. The average increase during 1987-2020 in Scopus was 18.99 publications per year and 18.83 per year in SCI-E.  The average number of Citation Per Paper (CPP) found in Scopus and SCI-E are 18.39 and 16.77 respectively. The largest number of papers 'document type' category was journal articles. The papers were scattered in 628 different publications as per Scopus and as per SCI-E, it was scattered in 447 journals.  The Bradford's law of scattering formula was applied to find zone-wise number of journals. It was found that in zone-1 as per Scopus just 2.23% journals/publications have published 1/3 of total papers and as per SCI-E just 3.13% journals have published 1/3 of total papers.  Most preferred journals of RRCAT researchers were also identified. Authorship patterns show that 95.97% of papers were collaborative work.  All papers' title word analysis shows that the term 'laser' and 'optical' are used repeatedly in many papers' title. Though, the number of records in both databases varied, the study found a significant correlation in the results and only a marginal difference in some parameters. The study purpose of preparing a comprehensive list of RRCAT author's publications was also accomplished.

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