Self – Archiving Practices: Perceptions of Scholarly Researchers in LIS from Indian Institutes in India

Tejal Mahendra Bhatte


Academicians and researchers are fond to publish their articles in the reputed journals, but due to the excessive fees of open access journals it becomes difficult. Over the years, there was one practice which emerged in the publication sector, termed as ‘self-archiving’ or ‘open archives’ means free of charge and accessible online to all people interested in reading the articles. Self-archiving has benefited to enhance the visibility and impact of their work and they are downloaded and cited more frequently. Researchers get confidence to upload their creative ideas which can reach to quite a larger audience giving them recognition in their respective fields. ResearchGate,, Kudos,, E-prints, etc. are platforms, along with these there are IRs and Personal websites where the researchers deposit their scholarly works. The present study, finds about the perceptions of researchers on self-archiving. Through the study it was found that almost 92% researchers were aware of self-archiving. Also, major findings were that ResearchGate is the networking site that was used by the researchers for uploading their research works.

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