Internet use by UG Students of Dr.M.G.R. Fisheries College and Research Institution, Thalainayeru, Tamilnadu, India.



The present study is focused on Internet use among UG students of Dr.M.G.R. Fisheries and research Institute at Thalainayeru, Tamil Nadu state.  A well-structured questionnaire was distributed among 120 students under this study, there are (90.83%) students were responded to the questionnaires. The questionnaires were analysed according to the objective of the present study such as : To understand knowledge and skills on internet among students, To know the available of Internet facility, To find out the frequency of Internet Access, To identify the purpose of Internet use, To know the adequacy of E- resources collection, To verify the satisfaction of Internet services, To examine the problems faced by students in Internet Access and To know need for orientation programme for Internet.

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