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Anbarasan S


The growth rate of literature on ‘Entropion’ during the period of 20 years i.e., (2001-2020) in which a total of 538 research papers were published in the field of Entropion is Analysed.  A Scientometric study is the measurement method for identifying the publication trends in the field of Sciences.  The study reveals different scientometric parameters like Document wise distribution of publication, Language wise distribution of publication, Year wise distribution of publication, Annual Growth Rate, Relative Growth Rate, Doubling Time, Degree of Collaboration, Most Prolific Authors, Most Productive Journals and Most Productive Institutions and found that the maximum 66 (12.26%) articles were published in 2011-12, 26.31% Annual Growth Rate was recorded in the year 2005-06.  The Maximum RGR 0.76 and DT 5.77 were recorded in 2003-04 and 2019-20 respectively.  The most prolific authors were Kakizaki H with 19 publications, followed by 09 publications by three authors Burton M J, Malhotra R and Takahashi Y each respectively.  The maximum of 492 (91.45%) publications are done by multiple authors and Aichi Medical University of Japan published 13 articles with 229 citations in the Institution publication.

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