Research Output on Altmetrics: A Scientometric Analysis

Nayana Borah


The present study aimed to analyse the research output on Altmetrics, indexed in Scopus database. A total 867 publications were collected for the study. The study revealed that the number of publications is increasing gradually except 2020, major document type was article (65.86%); most dominant subject area is Social Sciences (65.86%) followed by Computer Science ; highest number of publications are contributed by United States (29.419%) followed by United Kingdom (14.187%). Altmetrics is the keyword which occur highest number of times i.e., 566 in the database. Thewall M is the most productive author having 40 number of publications.It also revealed that most preferred language for publication is English, Scientometrics was having the highest number of publications 117(13.495%) followed by Journal of Informetrics 31(3.575).

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