Support Vector Machine (SVM) Research in India: A Scientometric Evaluation of India’s Publications Output during 2002-19

B M Gupta, S M Dhawan, Ghouse Modin Mamdapur


The present study examines “Support Vector Machines” (SVM) research in India based on bibliometric indicators with the aim to describe the status of research in the subject at global, national, institutional, and author level. The data for the study was sourced from Scopus database covering 18-year period 2002-19. The paper identifies key countries, key subject areas, key SVM applications, key organizations and authors, key journals and highly-cited papers in SVM research. India registered a high 57.15% growth, and a 384% jump in its 9-year cumulative output. India contributed a 7.46% share to the global output, a 10.96% share as international collaborative papers, and a 6.37% share as sponsored research papers. SVM research by India registered an average of 13.10 citations per paper. China leads the world ranking with a global publication share of 48.60% share in SVM research, followed distantly by USA (9.81%), India (7.46%), etc.

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