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Usage of Internet by the Students of Government First Grade Colleges, Bagalkot District, Karnataka: A Study

Shridevi S Kadiwal


The Internet is an undividable part of today's educational system. The academic increasingly depends on the Internet for educational purposes. This paper presents the survey results on internet use among college students in Government First Grade Colleges, Bagalkot. It was found that the students of Commerce and Business students make use of the internet most of all followed by Science, Social Sciences, and Humanities students respectively. Students of Commerce use it mainly for study and examination purposes and students of Social Sciences and Humanities use it for education purposes compared to others. Information overload is the most common problem faced by students, while searching the relevant information. The students of Science, Social Sciences, and Humanities find internet illiteracy as the major limitation in using the internet. The students of Sciences, Socials Sciences, Humanities, business and commerce faced institutional curbs to internet access.

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