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Usage of E-Journals through E-Shodhsindhu (eSS) (2012-2019): A Case Study of Karnatak University, Dharwad

Anupama N Joshi, Mallikarjun S Patil


The paper deals with the usage of e-journals by the academic fraternity of Karnatak University, Dharwad offered by INFLIBNET through its e-ShodhaSindhu Consortium. The analysis is based on INFISTATS usage statistics portal developed by INFLIBNET for the period 2012-2019. Through this study the various platforms offering e-journals and among them, the most preferred ones are identified. The trend in the usage of e-journals is also analysed. The study identifies that in the year 2016 maximum use of e-journals was done and Science Direct is the most preferred platform. The effect of lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic is also visible as the number of downloads is lowest in 2019.

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