ILA India
Serving Library Profession
Since 1933
ILA India
Serving Library Profession
Since 1933

The Founding Members of ILA

  • C. Woolner

  • Mohammad Shafi

  • Abdul Majid

  • Mohammed Kasem Ali

  • Abnashi Ram Talwar

  • P. C. Neogi

  • A.M.R. Montague

  • R. Gopalan

  • S. Ramasubbier

  • Ram Labhaya

  • Trivikrama Rao

  • S. Bashiruddin

  • Dr. M. O. Thomas

  • S. Mahendra Singh

  • Dr. Wali Mohammaed

  • S. R. Ranganathan

  • K. M. Asadullah

  • Sant Ram Bhatia

  • K. Sellaiah

  • Sarada Prasad Sinha

  • Kshitendra Dev Rai Mahasaya

  • T. C. Dutta

  • Kumar Munindra Dev

  • R. Mahasaya

  • Upendra Chandra Das

  • Labhu Ram

  • Ayyanki Venkata Ramanayya

  • Manchanda

  • Yousufuddin Ahmad


12th Webinar

Indian Library Association invites you all to join its 12th Webinar on Academic Libraries and National Education Policy 02nd June 2020 on 2.30 p.m.

Keynote Address:
Prof. (Dr.) Shabahat Hussain
Ex-Chairman DLIS & Dean, Social Science AMU Aligarh
Ex- President, ILA; Designer of World’s First Social Science
Cyber Library (ISO Certified)

Invited Speaker:
Mr. Sanjay K. Bihani
IFLA Governing Board Member, IFLA Professional Committee Member & Chair of IFLA Division V (Regions)

The webinar is on Zoom Pro Platform for 500 participants (First-cum-first-serve). Other Participants may join us at ILA Facebook page and ILA You Tube Channel (post recordings). E – Certificates will be issued to those Participants who will fill Google Form, circulated during the Webinar. Prospective Participants are advised to download Zoom from Browser (in Case of Computer) or Google Play Store. Please Use Zoom ID: 81693421776. No Password is required to join the webinar.Webinar Link:
Webinar ID: 816 9342 1776

Dr. O N Chaubey
General Secretary, ILA