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Knowledge Management System: Relevance in Social Sciences

Shabahat Husain, Rumman Gul


Knowledge Management (KM) is a formal process of managing the intellectual assets of any organization, so as to promote all knowledge processes from knowledge generation to its networking. KM is a business concept and is quite interestingly adopted by almost every corporate organization for excelling in their customer services. As far as the Knowledge Management System (KMS) in the academia in general and that of Social Sciences, in particular, is concerned, the concept at this point is new but needs to be implemented in order to manage the intellect of any knowledge producing institute.  For so, knowledge providers, knowledge seekers, and knowledge managers must be aware of the concept. The study takes a form of a survey, of School of Social Sciences at the University of Kashmir. For the sake of research, the questionnaire was used to gather the data from different kinds of respondents viz: Faculty Members, and Research Scholars. The present paper is an attempt to know the awareness in regard to the KMS and its applicability in Social Sciences. An overall finding from the study provides a great insight about the concept of KMS among all the knowledge dealers of the institute under study. The results will also form a base for the development of the Knowledge based systems in the academic world.

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