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Web Pages of Engineering College Libraries in Andhra Pradesh: An Analysis

Seshaiah Onteru, R.V. Rekha


Web Technology is evolving more rapidly than the other technologies. The Internet already has a profound influence on institutes of higher education. Library websites of the institutions play an important role in the dissemination of information and library resources. It is very important to design any website carefully and systematically. It is also important to evaluate the websites before use. This study aims to evaluate and analyze the services, facilities and other information available on the library web pages of 246 engineering colleges in Andhra Pradesh which have library links on their web sites. An evaluation checklist is prepared based on previous studies.  The results of this study revealed that the majority of college library websites are providing information with regard to their collection, hours, and electronic resources. But there in a lack of update information, FAQs, web 2.0 applications, digital library and feedback facility.

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