Employability of Library and Information Professionals: Issues for Post-graduate Departments of Library and Information Science

P. G. Tadasad


Opportunities for LIS professionals influenced by digital environment demands new job titles, new roles and skills from them The issue of employability of these professionals is addressed from the view point of departments of LIS. The role of the PG departments in preparing the students as employable professionals is also examined. Observes that the PG departments have to design programs to enhance the employability of these professionals, in the light of brightening the image of the profession, and the present LIS education offered. Issues like curriculum, job market, employers’ expectations, infrastructure, input characteristics, choice based credit system, faculty, collaboration, learning outcomes, career and counseling guidance cells have been examined to enhance the employability of LIS professionals. Concludes that though everything is not in the hands of the departments, they can really influence the student community to learn skills and techniques required to survive in the present context with requisite knowledge and that the departments must take lead in inculcating professionalism among student community. 

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