Space problem and infrastructural facilities in west Bengal public libraries

Mehtab Alam Ansari, Shamim Aktar Munshi


Public library is a place where wide range of people acquire knowledge through various information resources as well as with the help of several activities. From the pre-historic time to the modern time, public library has been playing a great role for socio-economic development of the nation. At present, significantly, the state of West Bengal has a strong public library system. However, before enactment of Library Legislation in West Bengal in 1979, total number of public libraries were 762, which have since increased almost three times. The present study covered twenty one Public libraries in Murshidabad district of West Bengal. Apart from a district library, in Murshidabad, three more categories of public libraries namely, Town libraries, Sub-divisional libraries and Rural libraries also exist there. The study examines available infrastructural facilities across all levels of public libraries in Murshidabad district. Data for the present study has been collected through questionnaire. Findings indicate that urgent attention is needed to improve the infrastructure of libraries particularly those in rural areas.

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