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Google Glass: a wearable technology for sustainable modern libraries

Lakshminarasimhappa M C


Libraries are functioning in the highly technological spaces today. From books to microfilm readers to computers – a technology free library is only an exception today. The technologies that one finds in a library are a reflection of a variety of intersecting needs of the users as well as library staff, and goal is ensuring access to informational resources to the right user at a right time in a right format. E-books represent a rather ideal technology for these purposes as they are relatively inexpensive, easy to use, and it is simple to pass a book along from one person to another. The format has taken a giant leap in satisfying Ranganathan’s fourth law of library science. On the same lines, the libraries are adapting to various innovative technologies for accessing information as well. One such technology is wearable computing (e.g. Smart watches, Smart Glasses), which are designed to be small and lightweight with faster processing capability. These technologies enable even more immediate ways to share and access information. This article dwells upon such an advanced wearable technology tool i.e. Google Glass. Its features are taking photographs, sending messages, getting directions, making calls, searching information in Google and for special parsons (physically challenged persons) it has voice recognition, capture zooming features by swiping. This paper relieves that, how librarians and libraries can adopt this modern technology into library services

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