Lifelong Learning for LIS Teachers and Educators through Open and Distance Learning: A Case Study of India

Mahendra Kumar


Library and Information Science is recognised as a discipline of study and research at the postgraduate level in the universities in India. There are about181 universities and their affiliated colleges/institutes which offer different programmes in library and information science. Of the above some of the institutions offer education through distance mode also. Lifelong learning for LIS professionals in India is available in many ways such as training provided by conventional universities, national organisations, professional associations, academic staff colleges, discussion through LIS-forum, etc. In the recent past, the Open and Distance Learning (ODL) system in India has come in a big way to provide lifelong learning for LIS teachers and educators in many ways due to the advent of ICT and WWW.This paper examines the various efforts made to provide lifelong learning to library and information science teachers and educators in India through open and distance learning using Information Communication Technologies (ICTs).

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