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Library support services for visually impaired students in ICT environment

Dhananjay Bhagawan Sutar


The paper describes various aspects of providing reading services for visually impaired students who are unable and still desirous to read and improve their knowledge. The blinds / visually impaired students can’t read the printed books because of their inability to see or because of low vision but with the help of ‘screen reading software’ and support of audio facility, they can read the e-books with screen reading softwares or can make use of Braille Printer for getting the print of required reading material available on-line in e-format. With this technology, library can offer specialized services to visually impaired readers. The screen reading software has immense capabilities to have interaction among visually impaired students with assistance of the trained library for effective access to numerous e-books and e- journals. Such a service by librarians to visually impaired students is useful for overcoming the difficulties of visually impaired/ blind students, teachers and researchers in inculcating their reading habits and empowering them with knowledge through right information.


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