ILA India
Serving Library Profession
Since 1933
ILA India
Serving Library Profession
Since 1933

The Founding Members of ILA

  • C. Woolner

  • Mohammad Shafi

  • Abdul Majid

  • Mohammed Kasem Ali

  • Abnashi Ram Talwar

  • P. C. Neogi

  • A.M.R. Montague

  • R. Gopalan

  • S. Ramasubbier

  • Ram Labhaya

  • Trivikrama Rao

  • S. Bashiruddin

  • Dr. M. O. Thomas

  • S. Mahendra Singh

  • Dr. Wali Mohammaed

  • S. R. Ranganathan

  • K. M. Asadullah

  • Sant Ram Bhatia

  • K. Sellaiah

  • Sarada Prasad Sinha

  • Kshitendra Dev Rai Mahasaya

  • T. C. Dutta

  • Kumar Munindra Dev

  • R. Mahasaya

  • Upendra Chandra Das

  • Labhu Ram

  • Ayyanki Venkata Ramanayya

  • Manchanda

  • Yousufuddin Ahmad






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